Hello! I’m Mc Pol Androuse Cruz, 22 year old student who aspires to become an engineer someday. I’m currently taking up electronics engineering in Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila, Philippines. Spontaneity and living without regrets were my principles in life.

When people asked me, why do you travel? I really don’t know what to answer. What I know is that traveling makes me happy; it also helps me to know myself deeper. I also love being under the sun; trekking in a sunny morning, surfing while waiting for the sunset and walking on an unfamiliar street observing the people around.

Why Weekend Sidetrip?

Weekend Sidetrip, because I usually travel during weekends due to weekday obligations. Everybody has their own trip during weekend; some wants a lazy day in a relaxing place, some wants an exhilarating feeling outdoors, and some just want to contemplate, go somewhere they hadn’t explore and learn something. Hence the name of my blog.

I write about my travels, bizarre food trips, exciting outdoor experience, and events. I also do reviews about the hotels, resorts and travel gears that would be helpful for your travels. I’m also expanding my niche to fitness and lifestyle posts because, it might be that obvious, but I want to live healthy while enjoying life.