Desert Safari Dubai – Your Perfect Summer Adventure

What could be more spectacular to do this summer other than dune bashing down the hot red sands of Arabian desert dunes? We cannot think of anything else, honestly. Summer lends itself to bouts of adrenaline, coursing through veins that have been deprived of activity all winter. So come, get into the excitement of the desert this summer, roust on the desert sands on your quad bikes, go crazy photographing the desert sunrises and sunsets, and celebrate one of the oldest landscapes ever known to man.

There’s A Desert Safari to Suit Your Time

What’s your favourite time of the day for a Desert Safari Dubai? Morning, noon, afternoon, evening or perhaps night? There’s a desert safari for every time during the day, so you can set off during your favourite time and enjoy the desert on your own terms. Choose your desert safari timing based on the activities involved and on your own personal preferences and schedule limitations. Each desert safari is an exclusive experience, with the evening and overnight safari being distinctly different.

Morning Safari

The morning safari is all about desert sports. You’ll have the time of your life bashing a 4×4 SUV onto the dunes, going up the tall dunes and speeding down till you’re halfway up another dune. It’s an amazing sport, but then there’s quad biking too! Imagine riding on the hard desert floor on a quad bike. If you’re a quad biking fan, it simply doesn’t get better than this. Wadis, knolls, small dunes and dry stream beds –they’re all part of your biker’s landscape. Have the time of your life jumping your bike over all the obstacles while maintaining a deadly speed! You can sandboard too, if you like. It’s just like snowboarding except that you’ll be swishing down with your board on the shifting desert sands, not on snow.

Afternoon Safari

There’s an afternoon version of the morning safari, after lunch, where you can enjoy various desert sports including camel riding on the hot desert sands. There’ll be a welcome tent where you can cool off with cold beverages in between your adrenalin exertions. You’ll visit a desert farm when you’re in the desert, and get to ride a camel. These cantankerous creatures are not the most polite of souls. They can bite you or throw you off, but that’s the fun of it. The afternoon safari is for the thrill-seeking type, so just go on, get on that camel and ride the desert. Watch as the sand dunes undulate at a dreamy pace beneath the camel’s feet and feel as though you have been transposed into the body of an ancient Bedouin. It’s a unique Desert Safari Dubai Experience, something you’ll cherish for ever, as you sway and dip up and down along the dunes wearing loose robes and a headgear just like the Bedouins do. The afternoon safari is cool, because it doesn’t get hotter than the afternoon in the desert. It’s a special treat to defeat the desert while it’s at its most intimidating in the afternoon heat.

Evening Safari

If you’re the romantic, soulful type, you’d want to celebrate the lovely evening sunset, waiting for the perfect opportunity to aim your camera up into the skies for that perfect shot of the sunset. Opt for the evening safari through a reliable operator such as Rayna Tours if you are looking for a wonderfully relaxing experience and a soothing connection to the desert. Grab your telephoto lens and tripod and get ready for the most fabulous sunset you’ve ever experienced in your life. Place your equipment at a good vantage point, and watch as the sun dips down elegantly and yet ferociously between the tallest dunes. Capture the sun for eternity on film as it becomes a fuzzy orange ball and disappears over the horizon. Capture the slowly-changing colours of the sky as the sun sets. The

world has been captivated by the desert sky at sunset – the various blues, oranges, purples, reds, navy blue and then pitch black.

The evening safari includes various cultural entertainments. At the welcome tent, you’ll be seated at a table with the other guests, watching in awe as a belly dancer gyrates away to Arabian tunes. Sit back against silk cushions and smoke a hookah pipe as the Tanura dancer’s lit skirt swirls up and down in time with music. It’s mesmerizing. Allow the henna artists to paint your hands and feet in soothing designs. The henna is an herbal concoction which dries off soon and falls off but leaves the most exotic smelling designs in red on your skin.

A wonderful Emirati BBQ dinner awaits you as the evening comes to an end. It’s a full, multi-course Emirati and international BBQ dinner, worthy of a blog in itself. So go head, dip your spoon into tenderly cooked rice topped with fabulous Emirati curries. Dip roast meats into exquisite relishes and sauces. Drink as much as you want of coffee, tea and cool drinks, but there will be no alcohol. Kids can gorge on milkshakes and fruit juices though.

Overnight Safari

If you’re a student of Arabian culture or food, then the overnight desert safari is the perfect package for you. You’ll get to spend a lot of time in the desert – in fact, the entire night, and that gives you more than enough time to eschew sleep and enjoy a nocturnal safari and take all the sunset pictures you want. The overnight safari guests enjoy all the activities that the sunset safari guests do – the fabulous belly dancing, the henna artistry, the food and so on. After all that comes the romantic night under the stars. You can camp overnight in the majestic, serene desert or sleep in the welcome tent. If you like, you can engage a guide for a bit of nocturnal snooping in the desert. Go and watch out for the elusive desert fox and the reptiles that move quietly at night. The nocturnal wildlife is quiet, and the moon

shines on a landscape that loses definition as the night moves on. If you wait the whole night, you’ll see the sun slowly breaking out at dawn, in the most glorious colours. Be sure to take plenty of videos and pictures of the perfect desert sunrise.


The desert exerts the kind of magic on humans that’s hard to resist. It’s an ancient landscape and one that moves to its own beat, never mind who comes and goes. The desert has a way of getting into your blood and once you’ve been on a safari, you’ll want to come back for more.

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