5 Reasons Why Students Need To Travel

The usual regret of people that they didn’t do in college is traveling. Many working individual wishes to travel but they can’t, due their work’s demanding schedule. It’s difficult for them to travel because they have a lot of responsibilities. There are bills to pay, home to secure, job responsibilities and other responsibilities that impede them from traveling. So as a student here are the reasons why students (like me) should travel while they are in control of their time.

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Yes I’m still a student; I have a small remaining time to spare on my college life. So I really try to multi-task; studying my lessons, planning a trip, grabbing opportunities and saving my ass off to fund my travels. Money is really the reason why students can’t travel much. But hey, if you really want it there are ways.

After my highschool graduation, there I start being independent (lagalag, gala and all sorts of Pinoy words that describs travelers). I met a group of people who loves being outdoor, my MIT-MC (Mapua Mountaineers) family. They’ve unraveled the adventurous side of me. I’ve come to a point where I travel every weekend. I also got to go to places that my family didn’t even know exists (Yes! They don’t travel much). I’ve grown a lot today because of my experience and one factor of which is traveling. There are a lot of things I’ve learned, and gained while traveling.


“I never understood the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’ until I traveled the world.”
– Laurie Satran

1. Gain new friends

Making friends is one of many perks of traveling. It allows you to widen your network. It has been one of my reasons why I look forward on my travels. Being friends with the locals can help you know the place more and let you know its culture. You can also learn different cultures when you meet other travelers along the way. Maybe, through traveling you’ll find the person you’re looking for all your life. Yes cheesy! But hey, I’ve heard a lot of love stories that started in traveling.


“My world gets bigger everyday. The more I see, the more I learn is out there.”
-Gerrell Johnson

2. Investing in travel is like investing in an education

There are a lot of thing that you’ll discover in traveling that you can’t find in textbooks. Get yourself out there and explore the world. Live the moment and learn from it. Why settle for words and photos, while you can just go there and see it up close and personal. Through traveling you’ll gain a global perspective and a strong independence which your professors can’t teach you. You can also gain new perspective in life.


“I never understood the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’ until I traveled the world.”
– Laurie Satran

3. Travel while exploring yourself

Yes! It sounds dirty but you just need to explore yourself in a way you’ll know who you really are. Well-traveled students can be more independent which is really important in studying. For some, traveling can be one way to reflect about everything and know themselves better.


“Traveling is staying one step ahead of reality.”
– Brittani Libring

4. Travel is an escape

Exactly! Traveling is an escape for all people who want to search something in life that you can grow and develop. Destroy the status quo and run from the messy things of current situation. It is an escape from an intoxicated place, to unwind, chill and recharge to face another challenging route of life.


“The only adventure you regret is the one you didn’t take.”
– Erin Reid

5. Seize the effin’ day

Live without regrets. Live your life without regretting things that you should’ve done, could’ve experienced and would’ve lived. Life is too short to stick in the status quo, do something crazy; something you can share to your kids and brag about the things that you’ve done and experienced.




Start to travel while you’re still young. Seized the day and live without regrets. We still have years to explore the world, experience other culture, share our knowledge and learn things from a stranger. Don’t let your tedious routine of eating, studying and sleeping, bore you to death. Go out and unwind. You’re a student not a puppet. Learn something outside. Your school is just a small piece of the biggest university which is the world.



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    True, when I was a student, I didn’t have money either. But now there;s a lot of seat sales and gazillions of blog tips on how to travel cheaply, so there are no more excuses NOT to travel haha

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