Man Up with Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics


Everybody has a right to look better, even guys! Guys, nowadays, are not all about sweat and hard work but also pampering and looking good. Good thing, a top quality provider on aesthetics is here, Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics by Dra. Emehly Sevilla.



The look of the place is important especially if its in beauty industry. Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetic has this sophisticated vibe yet cozy. You can see elegant chandeliers, lux decorations and really chill ambiance of the whole place. Vine is not too big yet not too small of a place, it really fits the right fit of a clinic.


“Vine’s approach to wellness and medical aesthetics has always been holistic and customer-centric, and made firm with utmost professionalism and integrity based on world-class standards. We don’t see it any other way.” – Dra. Emehly Sevilla




Dra. Em let me experience their Oxygen Facial Hydration. I really needed that because of my recent trips, where I’m really exposed in the sun and outdoors. Whenever I go for a facial, I usually talk to my nurse. I was really delighted when my nurse in Vine answers all my questions like; what does that cream do, do I really need it, what are you putting in my face. Things like that because I’m always curious on the things that are on my face.


The cool thing in this clinic is that the nurse always ask me if it hurts and she always say sorry whenever she feels I got hurt. But unlike my past facial experiences where I cried while the nurse doing her thing. In Vine, I was at ease and everything was bearable.

After the treatment, I felt really fresh and clean. Minus the red marks from the pricking, but hey, it will heal after some day. And yes, the result is evident now. My face is damn fresh! LOL

Can’t wait to try other service from Vine! I really adore Vine’s right blend of coziness and elegant ambiance. One more thing, their cool and professional staff that are really approachable, these things made Vine a quality aesthetic center. Maybe, they got it from their boss, Dra. Em is really cool and it was really nice to talk to her.



Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics
Unit 2H Mezzanine Level
1ST Avenue Corner 31ST Street
BGC Taguig City
Mobile: +639178590642, +639176315883,
Landline: +63 2 2172687, +63 2 8433023
Fax: +63 2 843-3023
Twitter: @vine_aesthetics
Instagram: @vineaesthetics

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