5 trips that you can do on rainy weather

Summer’s over and say hello to another school year. One more thing that we should be ready of is the wet season of the year. June is the start of the wet season until December, practically, half of the year is the wet season. We all know that this season hinders tourism in our country because as many travelers seeks a warm and mild weather or even us, it hinders us not to go to this place, or go climb mountains. People can stop worrying what to do in this season because while the rain pours we can do things that won’t affect our ‘trip’ (depende sa trip mo! haha!) Here are the 5 activities or ‘trip’ that is ‘waterproof’ haha!

1. Foodtrip – Food has always been my savior whenever I’m bored or occupied. You can always check the fridge and cook something. You can also go visit the mall and try different restaurant or fastfood chain that you hadn’t tried before. If you’re around Metro Manila, SM malls are everywhere.


2. Shop – Boys and girls enjoys this kind of ‘trip’. You go shop for clothes or anything that you want to buy. Why not shop for travel gears that will help you on your adventures. Anyone can enjoy this ‘trip’ even without spending money, window shopping! That’s my thing. haha! The biggest mall in the Philippines is MOA or Mall of Asia where you can enjoy shopping, also there’s Greenbelt and Glorietta or walk through Bonifacio Global City or BGC if you want to unwind and shop.


3. Parteeey!! – Speaking of BGC, why not enjoy the night with your friends or if you’re adventurous and spontaneous, enjoy the night with a total stranger that you’ve met in the club. BGC is one of the many places in Manila where people enjoy partying. There’s Prive, 7th High, The Establishment, and many other. Manila is a great spot for clubbing and partying, in Pasay (Republiq, Opus), Makati (Fiamma, Paladium, Time, Icon), and Quezon City (Eden, Eivissa, Dolce, Bliss, Circa).

4. Indoors trip – Since its raining and storms and thunders are singing their heart out, why not go indoor trip. Go to spa house for relaxation, rejuvenation, and experience Manila’s tranquility. Try indoor swimming pool. Why not do both activities, swimming while relaxing in Ace Water Spa (Quezon City branch or Pasig Branch). Try wall climbing activity, for those mountaineers out there who are missing the climbing adventures because of the heavy rain, go try wall climbing for exercise and to condition your body for your next climb. It also serves as your training too. Yes? haha!

5. FamBam trip – If you’re broke and you just want to enjoy the rainy day inside your house and feel its cool breeze try this trip. You can go play with your family (that’s why it’s called FamBam for family bonding) play board games or card games like monopoly deal, uno, unggoy-unggoyan or tong its. haha! Movie marathon with your family, try horror films then turn off your lights and let the storms roar for added suspense. haha!


Mc Pol

Mc Pol Cruz is the owner and publisher in this travel and lifestyle blog, Weekend Sidetrip. He love being under the sun and doing things that he loves, traveling. Mc Pol is ready to explore various culture, stop foot to stunning places, savor different cuisines and help other travelers in their adventures.