First wall climbing experience

Finally! This was my first time to experience wall climbing. I never thought that it was that hard. I realize now how heavy my body is. Everytime was like carrying a sack of rice. haha! Well though it’s hard, still it is a great experience and challenge. Since it’s been weeks that I hadn’t had mountain adventure so I tried wall climbing for a change.

The experience happened in Sandugo, Market! Market! at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It is located at the 5th level of the mall near the cinema and Telus. I was expecting that it would be from the 1st floor of the mall to the 4th or 5th floor. Good thing it wasn’t that public as I was expecting.

I learned that in wall climbing there are 2 roles that should be played to enjoy this, one is the climber and the other one is the belayer. A belayer secures the safety of the climber at the end of the rope.
In Sandugo there are 5 levels of textured walls, we tried the left side of the wall which is easier to climb that the right part. After 2 climbs we then decided to climb easiest wall at the right part of the wall. The whole Sandugo wall is 44ft high.

140PHP – Unlimited wall climbing
50PHP – shoe rental
50PHP – rental of Sandugo’s belayer (you can ask if you have belayer in your group to guide you)
If there are 5 in your group, 1 is free. Quite a steal? haha!

Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
5th floor (beside Cinema)
Mon – Fri: 12PM to 9PM
Sat – Sun: 11AM to 9PM

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