5 Ultimate Travel Hacks You Should Not Miss!


With the best of planned experiences comes the most hectic of preparations! Same deal with traveling right? And no one’s got any reasons to disagree. Before being able to go near and smell that sweet sense of luxury, we basically need to pass through the lines of arranging those airdashes, hotel accommodations, planning and researching of the best checklists of what to do’s and where to go’s… yet at the same time budgeting your finances, in eschew of having a pay-off of set back from slashing those bank accounts and maxing out those cards!

Well those culprits might already be putting your palms on the face, but before these tasks could be able to drive all your hopes away, it should be within your knowledge that we’ve got the list that of ‘just the right genie’ to offer you the biggest of hand you could ever depend on- all without the requirement to stress you so much.


Getting fueled up already? Here it is, on the roll, five traveling hacks, locally intended, all specialized for that ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’ aspired flies. The help you would ever be needing to gain that desired traveling escapade with the least of efforts given… and leaked. Because you deserve to be trouble-free, after all- that’s the purpose of this travel right?



#1: Stick to your budget

The overall worth of your travel is never proportional of the cost you’ve spent! Go and have the bests of enjoyment while keeping in mind to keep your purse’ condition all fine, ‘prevention is better than cure’ though! So, have your budget plan and stick to it no matter what. Would even things go away bit tempting? Oh, no… Yes, you should!

Good news for you, traveling even in the best places, eating, and finding the right hotel is relatively cheap in the Philippines- so, that cheap doesn’t even mean to say cheap at all!



#2: Rely on an Online Travel Agency: It does the trick!

Have you just been overwhelmed by the hassles that the travel you’re yearning for is banging against you right at your face? Well, pack all those worries because all the answer’s here. If there’s a possible way to minimize all the potential struggles traveling might give you, travel agencies are the culprits for your culprits! Use an online travel agency such as Traveloka Philippines for your preferred hotel deals and cheap flight going to your perfect destination. Dodge off those time-consuming and tangled affairs and let the travel agents simplify the process.

Starting from offering you the most cost-effective yet accessible travel packages, travel agencies also provides consultation services and can also be the one to book your cruise, extended flights, hotel accommodations and rental cars up to resort stays and even plan the tour itself!

Furthermore, it is better suggested to have the ‘online’ travel agencies do the work. Besides from the benefits mentioned, all the possible doubts should be diminished because their online presence proposes the assurance if you can trust them or not! By that, one without bias could find out what their customer’s got to say about them.

Online travel agencies also reserve your time and money, to add up they are also into giving their clients, the expertise of insights and exclusive reminders for your safety in concern with your trip.



#3: Keep a Gaze those Travel Vouchers

Different airlines here in the Philippines are offering freebies, especially to those loyal clients. So if you want to have the least of expenses, look for those travel vouchers you incidentally have on your bag and check out what they could be offering, and at the same time, remember to have your flight at the same airline. Airlines’ offers their best vouchers just to keep their loyal customers, as of you know.

These two things serve as a must to remember. Well, just in case that you want to have a luxurious first class for the minimal of charge, or if you are lucky enough, for free. Now, define travel hack!


#4: Take risks- try last minute discounts

Another traveling hack that would diminish your costs big time! Airlines utmost chances aren’t into flying with all seats not fully occupied. So keep watch and know when to hit the dart on the board. Discounts usually roll off at the last of moments, and first class isn’t exempted here. Be attentive and that’ll probably pay you back an almost free first class flight! An awesome way to both start and end your travel!


#5: Max your Cards- without walking the line

How about looking for a benefit within a benefit? Spending money using your credit and debit cards comes with advantages of course. One of the most luxurious are with a specific expense, which is also dependent on your membership, offers you reward points that can be exchanged into a free flight! Whilst others give you coupons that you could use for your shopping and lifestyle needs and wants, that has a specific count of free miles attached to it. Big acquiring of bonuses are affixed with these cards, that in any other way, you could relish upon.

Imagine, you are able to buy the things that you need, yet at the same time, you are also drawing out the lines for your free flight! Again, first class’ not on exemption!

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