Dyce N Dyne Review with OpenSnap #ShareSnap


While driving along Pasig Avenue, my friends and I found this cool place called Dyce N Dyne. Clever! From the name itself, you’ll know that it is a board game bar/café. I wouldn’t blog it if the experience in that place wasn’t good. I’ve been here 4 times already. Give it a try and you’ll rave for it too.



Dyce N Dyne is located at Elements Building along Pasig Avenue near Kapitolyo. They have this geeky and playful kind of ambiance. I love their exposed interior tubes and machine gears everywhere that makes it a steampunk themed bar/café. Comparing to other board games bar/café, Dyce N Dyne has an affordable menu and really good dishes and beverages. Plus, the place is really cool! I just love the fun atmosphere whenever we visit this place.



The foods are really affordable from pica picas to rice meals. You should try their Tapple-silog named after by a Tapple game, the meal is a Pinoy Tapsilog meal. For beverages, they offer local beers, milk teas, fruit teas, coffee and chocolate drinks. I always order their T-Rex and Milo Dinosaur. They are both chocolate drink, the difference is that T-Rex has a 2 shots of espresso. They are partnered with Chemistea that is why they use Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers for their drinks.



They have a lot of games! We always play Cards Against Humanity (a humor-based game), BezzerWizzer (a game for the witty minds), Tapple (time-pressured category game), Pressure Points (charades) and Speed Cups (time-pressured sequence game). You can always ask the Game Masters to explain to you the rules and mechanics of different board and card games. One thing I realized is that dining with friends and talking over coffee is always fun while playing board games.






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Dyce N Dyne

Elements Building, Along Pasig Ave. across Sea Oil
Tues – Sun 11:00AM-2:AM
Monday (Closed)

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