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After years of constantly visiting Tagaytay finally, my girlfriend and I had a chance to visit Bag of Beans and had lunch date there. Probably, y’all see this coffee-shop-slash-bakery-slash-restaurant when you’re going to Mendez or Nasugbu. This coffee shop is famous place for those foodies who visits Tagaytay because one can taste the famous Civet coffee or Alamid coffee.

When we got there, the restaurant is packed of hungry customers. The place is an open air restaura nt which is a plus because you can enjoy the sunny cool breeze of Tagaytay. Don’t worry about the sun because the shades of trees will do the sun blocking for you. One more thing the mosquitos are everywhere so you might want to bring mosquito repellant when you visit the place. Don’t worry you’ll still enjoy place because of the eco-friendly ambiance.

The entrance to the restaurant:)

I ordered their Chicken & mushroom and Mango Juice and she ordered Pasta with mushroom and garlic. It was my first time to order savory pies so i tried the chicken and mushroom filled pie. Maybe, I’ll stick to sweet pies like apple, buko or mango pie. That’s my thing. Haha! I like them better.

My girlfriend let me try her pasta with mushroom and garlic. My first impression was it was “oily”. But over all I enjoyed the dish and I enjoyed eating shiitake mushroom. Oh yeah, the dish comes with garlic bread so you can enjoy the pasta. It was a good dish.

Mango Juice: 125PHP
Pasta with mushroom and garlic: 220PHP
Chicken & Mushroom: 125PHP

I will go back here and try their pastries and coffee. I will taste the Alamid coffee despite of its bad reviews.

Bag of Beans has 2 branch in Tagaytay. The main is located at 115 Aguinaldo highway, Mendez Crossing West, after the Jollibee in Mendez. The 2nd branch is located near the Rotonda in Tagaytay. The distance between the 2 is approximately 7 kms.

Address: 115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City, Philippines
Phone: +63 46 413 4356, +63 46 413 2724

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