MIT-MC: Mapuan Mountaineers Celebrating its 25th Anniversary


Last November 29 2015, every member from inductees to alumni gathered in Mt. Maculot to celebrate its 25th anniversary. 25 years of evolving fun and growing family; the years that every member worked hard to build this family-like organization. Even if it’s really impossible for a Mapuan to have the luxury of unwinding due to its demanding educational schedule; this organization finds its way to satisfy their desire to travel and climbing through every Philippine mountain summits.


MIT-MC is a family

I have been a member of Mapua Institute of Technology – Mountaineering Club for almost 5 years now, a wonderful one-fifth of its legacy have been witnessed by my own eyes. No doubt that once you’ve been a member, you’ll always go back to the roots of the organization, the family that was built behind the fun of climbing. Even if it’s the opposite of what Mapuans perceived about the organization, believe me, you’ll find your travel buddy, best friends, long lost brothers and sisters, even a parent-figure in the club. Yes, it is all fun because of challenging climbs but through this you’ll find your true friends since you get to know every member by traveling with them. Because I believe in the saying that ‘You’ll know the person, once you’ve traveled with them’ (I don’t know if it’s a thing or just my outlook on finding friends by traveling, but hey it makes sense, right?!)



Finding yourself through the process

Being in an organization like this, you’ll get to meet different person with personalities to the extremes. Through the process of building a relationship with this total strangers, you’ll learn something about yourself. I’ve met a lot of people here and I’ve been a witnessed through their changes. Some of the members has their reasons why they join the MIT-MC; some wants to develop their abilities, challenge themselves to change and even find the real person behind their own facade. Gaining friends and developing something about yourself is one reason why people join MIT-MC.



We thank you for this celebration

Cheers to everyone who worked hard behind this very special day. To every officers who facilitated the event and who helped to build this fun celebration, on behalf of the members we thank you for everything. It is really fun to see the members and the alumni in one place, celebrating something that has been and always been special to them. Seeing the importance of the organization to the alumni is really heartwarming, bringing their family to witness how they’ve been the person they are now, through this we thank you for the support. To all the school-based members of MIT-MC and inductees who would want to continue the organization’s legacy, let’s give pride to those who started it all by giving the organization the importance and hardwork they’ve put through it. Let’s drink to it and wait for its Golden Anniversary! See you then! Thank you so much!

Mc Pol

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