Top 5 Places for Dental Tourism Holiday


The demand for dental treatment abroad has risen dramatically in recent years, and continues to be one of the fastest growing markets within medical tourism. Many customers have benefited from seeking treatment overseas, as savings of up to 80% can be made compared to the costs back home. By choosing to have your dental work carried out abroad, you can receive first-class treatment and enjoy an exotic vacation for less than you would spend on the same procedures at home.

Whether you’re booking a simple check-up at a Bangkok dentist , or more complex work at a Philippines dentist , here’s some great dental tourism locations:


Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is widely recognised as one of leading providers of dental care globally. It is the only city in the world that has a 7-storey custom-built dental hospital, the Bangkok International Dental Centre, that employs over 80 dental specialists and can provide all your dental requirements under one roof.

The city has a population of over 12 million people and, as the capital of Thailand, Bangkok caters for many more millions of worldwide visitors per annum.

Tourists flock to the city to navigate the network of canals and shop at the floating markets, or come to explore the many local tourist attractions such as The Grand Palace and associated temples.


Manila, The Philippines

The Philippines capital, Manila, can also offer first class dental expertise within ultra-modern facilities, and savings of up to 80%. Dental tourism has been a major part of the Philippines economy for many years now, and the availability of local, first-class clinics means that treatment times are much quicker than back home, therefore allowing more time to enjoy an exotic vacation with the money saved on the cost of your treatment.

Manila is a convenient gateway to more than 7,000 islands, offering inexhaustible opportunities for water sport enthusiasts and land-lubbers alike.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Malaysia is also established as one of the top five dental tourism destinations in the world, especially Kuala Lumpur. Prospective dentists have to study at dental school for five years, and follow this up with further training to specialize in fields such as orthodontics or endodontics.

One of the main attractions for customers is the plethora of outdoor activities that are available, such as scuba diving, caving, mountain climbing or jungle trekking and as one of the world’s 17 mega-diverse countries it is a fascinating country for wildlife lovers.


Cancun, Mexico


Mexico can also offer a vast range of outdoor activities along the length of its’ extensive coastlines, beaches and tranquil mountainous regions. Cancun is one of the jewels in its crown and a renowned holiday spot for travelers from around the globe.

Many of the dentists in Mexico are members of the American Dental Association and are therefore bound by the same codes of conduct and guidelines as the American dental profession. They offer safe, reliable dental care, but at a fraction of the price of dentists north of the US-Mexico border.


Bali, Indonesia


By choosing Bali as your preferred destination for dental care you can take advantage of the local attractions with the savings you make on treatment costs. Enjoy surfing the big breaks off the Bukit Peninsula, try a spot of scuba diving or simply explore the endless landscape of exotic beaches, rice terraces, volcanic hills and mountainous terrains.

Discover a world of great quality dental care while you relax on holiday and save a fortune into the bargain – your wallet and your mouth will love you for it.

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