How to write Travel papers, essays or thesis professionally

Writing papers, essays or thesis is a very responsible and subtle process. For some people, it is a sense of their lives. They sacrifice everything they have to create the ideal and innovative research paper. Sometimes those works change the world when they discover something new or explain something old from the unusual perspective.

The different ways to write papers and essays

Many people believe that before to start your writing, you should make some research, read the materials, discuss and analyze the possible ideas and options. However, this approach has some negative points. First, it takes too much time to understand, what kind of research has to be done. You act like a blind kitty trying to find the proper books, the articles, and the former researches. The second negative character is that you cannot properly organize the knowledge you are obtaining during the research. You do not have a clear understanding what do you need and how it should look.
Luckily, there is the opposite approach to the writing thesis or papers. Simon Payton Jones, the Microsoft researcher, recommends neglecting the common rules and starting from the pre-writing. By doing that, you can determine the pieces of knowledge you have about the subject. You will be surprised at the volume of the memories your brain has that you can write down first. Once you do that, you will have a clear-cut insight into what has to be the next step. During pre-writing, you will highlight the opened questions, the blind spots you need to fill. Thus, your research will be more focused and productive.

How to use the new method of writing

Some can argue that such approach will make the whole process completely messed up and they will be right. Although, every masterpiece starts from the mess, the unordered rough copies, and the sketches. Do not try to order your notes at the first stage. Just put down everything related to the subject your brain wants to share. Next, you can create a list of the main points you need to discover. Any paper writing would be incomplete without the external resources. The created list will help you to define what sources may come in handy for your work.
The main advice here – do not look for the ideal resource. Many students and researchers get stuck in this phase as they continuously try to find another source that will fit better. Use the library, the archives, the internet, and the references in the other books. After the sources are found it is expedient to skim them to catch out the sections that can be useful for your final custom paper writing. It is better to have the several sources for each critical point, and at least one for the minor ones.
With the sources at hand, you can start writing your second draft. It is not necessarily to do it tidily as you will have another opportunity for that. This opportunity is called editing, and it is highly recommended to do it at least twice. At first attempt, you have to edit the content. While doing that, it is better to ask yourself several questions:

    1. Is each thesis supported by the arguments?
    2. Is the paper readable?
    3. Have the arguments the strong base?
    4. What can be deleted or rewritten in a simpler way?

The second editing stage is about spelling, grammar mistakes, punctuation etc. At this stage, it is better to have a paper copy and to edit it with a pen.

Finally, you have to read the writing essay, paper or thesis aloud. It will help you to identify the statements that do not sound well. Moreover, read it to the other people if you want it to be the truly great paper.

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