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I’m back everyone. It has been a while since I wrote a blog post, sadly because there’s no time for adventure-trip-traveling these past few months. I’ve been busy in school (nagbu-busy busyhan lang! lol), I can’t find time to travel so please when is the next long weekend? That’s my only chance to travel. And oh! one more thing that stops me is the weather.

Pasensya na sa handwriting ko. haha!

I was reading some blog posts about the adventures of some bloggers-travelers in different places. This made me think, what are the things that they bring with them whenever they travel. Yung tipong di nila nakakaligtaang dalhin whenever they travel. Then this curiosity made me post this survey on PTB group on FB.

hihi! ang daming nag participate at nagshare!:) kilig!

Before sharing their traveling essentials, I would like to share first my own list of top 5 things that I bring with me when I travel, regardless of the destination.

  1. Cellphone – Wherever I go, I always see to it that I bring my phone with me. For communication purpose, if you got lost you can always contact someone who can help you with the direction or just communicate with your family or friends where you are at least they have an idea where you are. Also, I bring my phone with me because I can post my tweets and update my status on where I go and my activities on that place with the help of BB socials.
  2. iTouch – Number one reason I bring my iTouch with me because music entertains me when I travel or whenever I’m on the bus, car, plane or ferry waiting to reach my destination. It always brings good vibes on my traveling. As much as possible I don’t share earphones. haha! Damot no?! My reason is that there are person on the vehicle you talks like they own the vehicle or even obnoxious people you plays their mp3s on public. Who on normal world with normal people does that?! Also, I do photography and games on my iTouch which entertains me more.
  3. Bills! Bills! Bills! – Of course, money, does anyone will dare to leave their money and then go travel? here we go again…who does that?! But seriously, money does take a big part in essentials list in traveling. Debit cards or credit cards should also be on your Bills! Bills! Bills! list for emergency, or unexpected expenses.
  4. Food & Water – Hindi ito mawawala! I like traveling with foods because I’m always hungry, I don’t know why. I always bring biscuits, dried fruits and water, sometimes energy drink.
  5. Camera – While on the way to the places I visit, I always see to it to take a photo of the things that I think interesting and we’re always exposed on the beautiful places whenever traveling so you wouldn’t want to miss to take a photo of those places.
Those are the things on my list. Here’s what my Bagets friends shared on my survey:)

“There are 5 things I always bring when I travel (aside from the basics like clothes and toiletries): shawl, a length of string, my Kindle, an umbrella, and my laptop. The shawl can be used in so many ways, from a towel, a blanket or a skirt. You can use the string to hang your laundry and it can be handy in emergencies, too. A Kindle is for every traveler who reads, an umbrella is extremely helpful esp in a tropical country like ours, and my laptop is an essential of course, because I work anywhere and everywhere. I forgot to say my camera. does that say something about my travels”

Lauren Gailehttp://epicpotato.com/

“I always forget to bring my ability to poop, so i don’t get embarrassed especially while camping. But i never leave home without my toothbrush cause how else am i gunna charm people by smiling and getting to hitchhike if i have halitosis. :P”

Jerome Baluyut – http://www.balintataw.org

“H eadwear buffs, camera, notebook, bottled water,candies”

Where the Travels – http://wherethetravels.com/

water, camera, laptop, lipgloss, malong! ;)”

Darwin Miranda Cayetano – http://trackingtreasure.net

“Camera, first aid kit, malong, water, and toiletries.”

Christian L. Sangoyo – http://www.lakadpilipinas.com/

“Camera, tripod, filters, camera, camera. :P”

Christine Fernandez – http://www.jovialwanderer.com

“Alcohol Spray, lip balm, baby powder, notebook and pen :)”

Kaiz Belga-Galang – http://missbackpacker.info

“Camera, tissue, alcohol, pen, paper. :D”

Renz Bulsecohttp://www.thetravelingnomad.com/

“Perfume, iPod, camera, toiletries, cellphone”

Ca de Ramos http://www.adventurousfeet.com/

“camera, sunblock, damit, pera, sarili.”

“Aside from the usual camera, clothes, money, etc. I always make sure to bring: 1) multiple pieces of headware 2) beach cloth (doubles as towel & blanket) 3) swissknife 4) small journal & pen and 5) “spa in a can” – a helpful product that counters migraines, nausea and other conditions while on the road.”

“1.camera, 2. Tripod, 3, cellphone, 4. Chocolate 5. Extra memory cards :)”

Josiah Sicad http://www.lakas.com.ph

“camera, pogi pack, dry bag, LED flashlight, triple cube adapter.”

“Camera, cellphone, toiletries, medicine kit, pocket book.”

“Camera, kindle touch e-reader, cellphone, credit card/ATM and toiletries/medical kit which includes several pairs of eye glasses and contact lenses”

Renevic Amago http://www.renevicamago.com/

“camera with tripod, wallet (na may cash at id.), mobilephone, flashlight diary with pen.”

Oman Serapio http://www.lawstude.net

“‎(1) money (2) camera (3)map/book/researched facts about the place (4) malong/balabal (5) celphone or list of emergency numbers :)”

Enrico Dee – http://www.byahilo.com/

“1. camera 2. laptop 3. notebook/pens 4 celphone 5. cash”

Pinoy Adventuristahttp://www.pinoyadventurista.com/

‎1. Camera with charger 2. Mobile phone with charger 3. Money 4. Sarong 5. An Awesome Smile ^_^

Juan DerfulPinoyhttp://www.juanderfulpinoy.com/

“ATM, camera, essential clothing, a small notebook with a pen and vicks vaporub or effi. oil – Caught in a smelly bus or room? Smell these instead.”

“camera, money, cellphone, coat, efficascent oil(hahaha) :))”

Astrid Zoe Reburianohttp://starfishtravels.blogspot.com/

“camera, notebook, scarf/sarong, cellphone, tiger balm :P”

Sinjin Pinedahttp://www.libotero.com

Whenever I travel, I always have a checklist with 5 major groupings. Including the individual items, aabot yata ng 20+ LOL arte lang:

1. Face and Body Essentials (clothes, toiletries, etc.) 2. Travel Essentials (ID, tickets, passport, etc.) 3. Emergency Needs (meds: Biogesic, Diatabs, etc.; vitamins) 4. Gadgets (cellphone, camera, chargers, etc.) 5. Money

Based on the above posts, parang gusto ko na rin magdala ng Efficascent Oil or Tiger Balm or Vicks Vaporub or Whiteflower on my future trips ^_^

“money, cellphone, camera, meds, swiss knife :)”

Rain Amantiad-Campanilla http://rainamantiad.com

“iPhone, cash/cards, notebook/pen, headphones, toiletry kit (deodorant, panty liners, lotion, mouthwash, toothbrush/toothpaste, conditioner)”

‎1. Camera (charger, extra battery, mem cards) 2. Wallet (money, ATM card, 3. Toiletries (tooth paste, soap, deodorant) 4. Mobile phone (portable battery charger) 5. Towel

Plif Damonhttp://flipnomad.com

‎1. Travel Docs (Passport &Visa) 2. Wallet (Cash and Cards) 3. Jacket/Sweater 4. Camera 5. Drypack

Izah Moraleshttp://www.tripadora.com

‎1. Passport/id 2. Camera (and accessories batteries, charger, lens) 3.wallet 4. Printed out tickets 5.mobile phone

Joanna Jane Liwaghttp://thebackpackchronicles.com

1. Money 2. Camera 3. Travel Documents 4. Notebook, pen 5. Cellphone

Thank you Bagets for sharing in this blog post:)


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