9 Top Places in Manila to Hangout to Find Good Mentors


It is true that millennials are taking over the workplace. They seem so put together, so sure of themselves, so sure of their place in the world. There’s a certain level of confidence, which older generations are not exactly fond of.

By 2020, millennials will account for 50% of the global workforce, according to the PwC research center. However, this doesn’t mean that young professionals do not need a hand to lead them and walk them through sustainable career growth. An analysis of the US Census Bureau found that 91% of millennials aspire to be leaders, but readiness is a struggle. Millennials acknowledge that there is a learning curve and 55% said they wish their company had better leadership development opportunities such as regular workshops and mentoring programs.

Building relationships with good mentors has become more prevalent during the last 20 years according to the Harvard Business Review. The study interviewed executives about the importance of mentors for career growth and a majority said mentors helped them follow a career plan and earn more money in the process.

But the question is: who are these mentors and where do you find them? Here are the top places in Metro Manila frequented by potential mentors.

Right Next to Your Desk

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No need to look too far. Look around your workplace and go beyond the corners, desks, and cubicles. Search for that person you admire. For all you know, the best hangout place for finding a good mentor is right next to your desk. Finding a mentor in the same workplace—a boss, a senior, a colleague, or just about anyone you admire and respect is an advantage. It is easier to talk to someone who knows how you work and your situation at work.

Back Where it All Started

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Why not visit your old campus and may be have coffee with one of the best professors you ever had? Teachers, after all, saw our struggles at our most vulnerable stage. Their wisdom transcends the four corners of the classroom. Hang out in your university and be ready to take in more lessons, this time about life in general.

In the Land of Opportunities

There are plenty of job fairs in the Philippines for people looking to find a career. A lot of companies would even offer special perks and privileges to applicants. Recruitment personnel assigned to job fairs are more than willing to discuss career opportunities with you. You might even encounter a manager or employee in the same field you are interested in who could be a potential mentor. Most job fairs also organize seminars and career orientations where you could get insights from the pros.

The Field of Experts

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If you are serious about getting a mentor in your industry, research on the latest relevant seminars and workshops. Take this opportunity not only to gain more knowledge but also to know more people and enhance your contact list. Take workshops seriously and don’t attend just for the purpose of boosting your resume.

In a Virtual Hangout

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The virtual world is among the top spots where good mentors hang out. Some industries produce a podcast where you can learn from professionals and experts. Tune in. Spend more social media time on LinkedIn and search for the people in the same field and with same interests. You may reach out to them politely. You would be surprised at how willing they are to share their knowledge and their time with you.

The Breakfast Club

Drive by Eastwood or BGC early in the morning and you are sure to spot both young professionals and managers hanging out in a restaurant serving all-day breakfast. The city doesn’t sleep anymore and you can often find employees on the night or early morning shift gathered over pancakes and coffee. It would be nice to listen in to their conversations or join the club. Just don’t act all creepy and you’ll be fine.

The Hipster Hub

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If you are looking to start a career in a call center or the media industry, the tendency is for you to gravitate toward BPO and broadcasting managers. But there is also wisdom in looking for someone who is unlike you in so many ways that they give you a whole new perspective. These are people who will challenge you to acquire new strengths. Be open to finding them in unlikely places. An art mentor in a hipster hang out ? Why not? It could be a weekend market, a club or a hip restaurant.

Coffee or Beer?

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One of the best and common places where professionals hang out in Manila is a coffee shop. It could be the smell, soft music, or the free Wi-Fi that make coffee houses very endearing. Given the ambience, coffee shops are among the
ideal workplaces for millennials and it is also an ideal place to find mentors. If you want to hang out during the night and over a bottle of beer, there are plenty of decent bars where professionals unwind and discuss work matters.

Open house, art places, and everything in between

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Be where the people in your industry are. If you are in real estate, there are open houses everywhere where you can talk to realtors and brokers. If you are an art enthusiast, there are museums and exhibits dedicated to a new breed of artists that you can check out. If you are in interior design, quirky and unique furniture shops are worth a visit. If you are a budding entrepreneur, you can go to a black market or special bazaars where employees also moonlight as entrepreneurs.

People who have achieved a place of accomplishment are more than willing to share their experiences and their wisdom. Don’t be shy or scared to ask and make a move. Consider everyone in your circle and even outside of it. Explore places of interest. Always have an open mind.

Author: Jason Garcia of InvestmentDad.com

I am a manager of a family enterprise, a consultant for a real estate and a business specialist. My blog is about property leasing and real estate investment. I write articles giving advice to readers on how to invest and secure homes and businesses.

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