Cagbalete Island Budget Trip


I’ve seen an article that there’s an island in Quezon Province where fine sand and scenic beach is found. One more thing that caught my attention in this article is the budget breakdown, it’s so cheap! So I immediately packed my bag and try this trip to Cagbalete Island. Indeed! It is really beautiful island and the view is really relaxing. I just want to have a chill trip to the beach before the school starts and, yes, I achieved it in this trip.

How to go there:

Cubao to Lucena Grand Terminal – From Cubao, we rode a JAC Liner Bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal. The terminal is found at Kamias
Travel time: 3-4 hrs.

Lucena Grand Terminal to Mauban – There are a lot of bus liners in that terminal You just have to find the one with Mauban signage on it.
Travel time: 1.5 – 2 hrs

Mauban to Cagbalete Island – From the dropping point in Mauban, you can ride a tricycle to drive you to Mauban Port to ride the boat going to Cagabalete Island. The first trip is 10 pm and the next is 3pm.
Travel time: 30 mins – 1 hour



Budget Breakdown

Bus (Cubao to Lucena Grand Terminal)P218
Bus (Lucena Grand Terminal to Mauban)P54
Tricycle to Mauban Port (2 pax)P20
Environmental Fee – P50
Boat Ride to Cagbalete Island – P50
Going back – P400
Food allowance – P300
Tent pitching fee – P250
Entrance fee – P50



Where to Stay

Pansacola Beach Resort

Phone: +63 42 7840158, +63 928 5058633, +63 917 5465901

Joven’s Blue Sea Beach Resort

Phone: +63 939 2899752, +63 917 9848505, +63 907 1739016

Villa Cleofas Resort

Email: ;
Phone: +63 917 8395852, +63 917 8143475

MVT Sto. Niño Resort

Phone: +63 921 7275398, +63 927 7774828

Doña Choleng Camping Resort

Email: ;
Phone: +63 910 8823346, +63 916 4270487, +63 926 6549958, +63 927 9680690

Villa Noe Resort

Phone: +63 929 217 6971, +63 905 519 3847, +63 909 524 1773, +63 910 416 2536


Travel Tips

  • Start your trip going to Lucena by 2 or 3 AM because you need to catch the first trip of the boat going to Cagbalete Island.
  • Boat trip from Mauban to Cagbalete – 10AM and 3PM
  • Boat trip from Cagbalete to Mauban – 8AM and 1 PM
  • From Lucena Grand Terminal, the public bus bound to Mauban leaves every hour so don’t worry. Just so you know, it is an ordinary bus, so you can enjoy the provincey breeze of Quezon Province.
  • You can buy your supplies like food in Mauan Port because it is cheaper if you buy there than buying supplies in Cagbalete Island.
  • Just in case you need someone to ask for help around the island, buy something for you and deliver it to your resort, or just someone to talk to while you’re staying in the island just text Ate Josephine (09207001087). She has her own sari-sari store.
  • Go to Bonsai Island. The island is visible during lunchtime to afternoon while its low tide. Walk through the sand bar.
  • Bring cooked food that will last for 2 days so you can save more money.
  • Swim early morning and later afternoon because its high tide.


cagbalete island budget


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