What mistakes should you avoid?

Don't post the same CV everywhere. For each job ad, you should send a CV that you create by responding to the specific job (taking into account the requirements that are included in the job ad). Of course, you can create one CV as a base, but remember to always adapt it to the requirements of the offer.

Choose the right job adverts. Remember that the job you go for with a smile on your face should relate to your interests, talents and abilities. When you find a job that satisfies you, you'll be a more productive worker.

A well-organised and clear CV. A resume should be written in a way that the recruiter can easily find the information he or she is interested in.

Accurately describe your skills and responsibilities. Don't exaggerate or present your skills too modestly - they should be described in a balanced way that meets the specific requirements of the advertisement. Also, remember that the recruiter wants to know what you did during each placement - this information is crucial because it could be the reason why the recruiter decides you're right for the position you're applying for!

Photo. You should be in it in a business publication (we can successfully take this photo at home, we don't need to go straight to a professional photo shoot). Don't post holiday photos or selfies. Photos make it easier for the recruiter to remember us.

False information. Be sure to publish only truthful information. The most common lie on your CV is about your foreign language skills, which can be discovered during a job interview. Remember that lies have short legs!

An abstract authorising the processing of personal data. Without it, your resume may end up in the trash.

Industry information. If you've worked for a small company, the recruiter has a right not to know. And sometimes knowing your particular industry for the position you're applying for can make all the difference. So it's worth adding information about the industry you've worked in, it might make a difference to your recruitment results!

Send a CV in response to every vacancy that this recruiter posts, whether it's a secretary, accountant or sales representative. In the eyes of the recruiter, you are missing out on a specific idea for yourself. Choose one of the offers posted by this recruiter.

Posting information about positions held many years ago. Experienced individuals applying for an expert position are not required to provide this information. Recruiter, if you have a lot of experience in the industry, you are not interested in what kind of work you did while on leave in the previous decade.

Before you write your CV, find out about the requirements of the position on offer and information about the prospective employer. Think about whether the position is really the right one for you. Do your self-assessment and think about whether you are the right person for the job and whether the position is a good fit for you. When you decide to apply, remember that your CV is your showcase and the recruiter only spends a few seconds on the initial analysis of each CV. You won't get a second chance to make a good first impression, so it pays to review top resume reviews and prepare professionally before writing your resume!

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