Mt. Cristobal | Itinerary and Budget


Itinerary and Budget For Mt. Cristobal

This mountain us 1470+MASL according to Pinoy Mountaineer


1900 Meet-up at Mapua Intramuros
2000 ETD for San Pablo
2200 ETA at San Pablo Plaza, take jeep to Kinabuhayan
2300 ETA Sitio Parang (jumpoff); late dinner
2330 Start Trek
0400 ETA Campsite
0430 Lights off

8000 Breakfast
1000 Break camp
1100 Start Trek
1600 ETA Sitio Awas; tidy up at Bukal (natural spring)
1800 Take the jeep
2000 Dinner at San Pablo
2100 Take return bus to Manila

Contacts: +639214647618 Sir Lito
Budget: 800PHP

Here’s the story behind our climb at Mt. Cristobal.

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