Lido Cocina Tsina Celebrates its 80th Anniversary


LIDO delivers authentic Chinese dishes to the Filipino palette. This year, LIDO celebrates its 80th Anniversary. From its humbling beginning in Binondo, LIDO has grown into sophisticated alternative to casual dining that satisfies everyone’s craving for perfect Chinese food. In this blog, I will be spilling some details on what to expect in anniversary celebration of LIDO and its newest branch located in Mindanao Ave.


Lido Cocina Tsina Home of Chinese Pugon Roasted Asasdo

Here’s a brief history about LIDO. In 1936, Mr. Lido, a Chinese chef, put up a modest eatery called Panciteria Lido (Lido Cocina Tsina) at a busy street in Binondo. It was called Panciteria Lido because Pinoys’ term for noodles is Pancit which evolved from Hokkien word piansit (something quickly cooked). My. Lido also formulated the perfectly roast pork loin in pugon (old-fashioned brick oven) with aromatic flavor that Filipinos grew to love.


LIDO Cocina Tsina Mindanao Ave Branch

I was invited at the opening of their 16th branch. It is located at Mindanao Avenue in Quezon City. The branch opens from 7AM to 11PM. They only serve breakfast meals up to 11AM. LIDO Mindanao Ave branch is big because it is a 2 storey building.



The event was fun. I got to witness dragon dancing performance which, I think, is important in Chinese culture when opening a business. It looks like the two dragons are dancing and mating at the same time, then while eating orange. It’s really new to me and it fascinates me. Before opening the buffet, we heard a message from LIDO President Annie Wong.

I really like authentic Chinese food and LIDO food where just flavorful. My favorite is Manchurian Chicken and Buchi.

Lido LOGO FA - Black Tagline 2012

Address: 43 Mindanao Avenue, Beside Phoenix Gas Station, Project 8, Quezon City

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