Tips to be a Pokemon Master While Exploring Your City

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Playing Pokémon Go can be quite challenging. It requires a player to walk around in order to hatch Pokémon eggs and to look for, well, Pokémon. Capturing a Pokémon is not always easy especially when they have a high Combat Power (CP). However, no matter how difficult this increasingly popular game may be, it is still fun. It’s even better when you play it with friends! As a matter of fact, Pokémon Go probably brings the competitive side of every player out there. Being a better Pokémon trainer is challenging. If you want to get ahead of other trainers, here are a few tips.

Capturing Pokémon

The higher the CP the harder it is to capture a Pokémon. There is a combination to have a successful catch but first you need to know the essential factors. First thing to learn about is using the right Poke Balls. An ordinary red and white poke ball can get you a Pokémon with the lowest CP possible to at least a 350 CP – if you use a curve ball that is. Curving the ball, though unconfirmed by the algorithm of the game, gives you a higher probability of capturing a Pokémon. Simply rotate the ball before you throw it. It gives that glittering touch to your ball. Plus, it gives an additional 10 experience points!

Feeding the Pokémon some raspberry makes them attracted to you. It makes them stay and gives you an edge in getting your target. Just be careful not to use too much on one Pokémon though because raspberry is hard to get from Poke Stops. There are different Poke Balls that you can use to capture a Pokémon with higher CP. You can get a Great Ball when you reach the Trainer’s Level 12 and an Ultra Ball when you turn Level 20. There are no further updates about the Master Ball but based on the old Pokémon Game it is a sure capture ball. The combo for capturing Pokémons with high CP goes like this: you feed the Pokémon with a raspberry, then you use a curve ball to capture it – but wait until the ring with the color focuses on the Pokémon. The smaller the ring the better your chances of capturing a Pokémon are. Now, this technique may vary; you can adjust the ball you use or the number of raspberry you feed. The most important thing is to capture a Pokémon with high CP.

Hatching Eggs

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There are three kinds of eggs in Pokémon Go: the 2 km, 5 km, and 10 km egg. The 2 km egg gives you a basic Pokémon, which may vary from Pidgey to Caterprie, which has a low CP. A 5 km egg gives you an average Pokémon with a CP that is approximately between 200 and 300 CP. The 10 km egg will give you a rare Pokémon with a high CP. Hatching Eggs can be challenging since you need to walk. Some people drive or bike to make it easier but the recent update of the game notifies you when you are going too fast. In some instances, it does not register when you’re going too fast. When using a car, do not go over more than 15 km/hr. This means you will drive slowly, but carefully of course, making your universal muffler quiet. In the Philippines and other countries, some people think that using a car to hatch eggs might affect the traffic negatively which is why they prefer to bike or walk instead. To hatch eggs effectively, you should walk around the house or put your phone on a rotating platform Hatch as many eggs as possible; it gives a lot of candy, experience, and a huge amount of Star Dust.

Gym Battles

By conquering a Gym, you can claim 10 Poke Coins on the Shop. To win a gym, one must have a strong Pokémon to battle. Choosing the right team will play a big role in this since various teams offer different statistics on your profile. There are three different teams, namely Valor, Mystic, and Instinct. Team Valor’s advantage is when you power up your Pokémon, it gives a higher CP compared to other teams. Team Mystic’s advantage is when you evolve a Pokémon it will have a high CP. Meanwhile, the team Instinct hatch eggs that are high in CP. There is one tip or hack in conquering a gym: it is waiting for a battle to finish and be the first to place a Pokémon champion. Quickly withdraw your 10 Pokémon Coins before someone defeats your Pokémon. It is a quick way to gain Pokémon Coins if you don’t have a strong Pokémon yet. Be sure to have at least three strong Pokémon for gym battles.

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