Mt. Batulao and my first year in mountaineering

It’s always fun to celebrate an event in your life that somehow changed the way you are before it all started. Maybe, it is not that big of a change but you know for sure it did change something good in you that you love. Maybe others like it but who cares, it’s your thing and you love it.

Recently I celebrated my first year in mountaineering at the same mountain, Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu Batangas, where I first saw myself walking under the torrential rain, soaking wet and rain drops with sweat all over my face. Now, I walked under the sun having fun. It has been 1 wonderful year of mountaineering experience and I won’t stop climbing and exploring our mountains. It has been a year in this lifestyle and I can’t still consider myself as a “mountaineer”, because being a mountaineer takes a big responsibility in our environment, it is a very big word to name a beginner like me. Maybe, after many explorations and journey then that identifier will suit me.

I celebrated my first year with my batchmates in MIT-MC (batch 22), Issa and Jammy and other members and applicants of our organization. It was so fun, the weather was good, we really had a great time in there. We got to reach the summit but there was no clearing but its fine I’ll just go back there. haha!

Mt. Batulao, Nasugbu Batangas
811 masl, Minor climb

From the jumpoff, the trail is muddy but when you reach the trail that will lead you to the peaks, it is rocky and well-maintained. It will lead you to different peaks of the mountain, so expect the trail will be in different slopes. While trekking towards the base camp, you’ll see 3 nipa huts that sells delicious and refreshing BJ (buko juice) for 20php.

The base camp here is spacious, especially on camp 7. Maybe 15 tents can fit in that camp. There is also a big camp before peak 8. The caretaker of the camp collects 30php for their service. You can also hire a guide. My friends paid their guide for 15php each. Don’t worry about the cellphone signal, you can still call, text, tweet or even update your status in FB while trekking to the summit. Also don’t forget to bring your jacket when going there, it’s so cold at the top during night time even if it’s just 811 masl.

We haven’t had a chance to see the beautiful view of the summit because there’s no clearing. I’ve always wanted to see the peaks of Batulao but I think this mountain wants me to go back there next time. haha! Maybe next time I’ll try to catch the sunset or the sunrise in the summit.

Sa summit. walang clearing talaga nooo!
Nung sumilip… kaso nawala agad!

The climb was fun. I got to meet new friends from our org. I got to show them (applicants) some tips on mountaineering. Also I got to see again the beautiful view of Mt. Batulao. May realization ako sa bundok:

“Why Mapuans should try mountaineering? Life in Mapua is very hard. They expect so much from us. There are times we fail to reach their expectations that results to having SINGKO for so many times! But that shouldn’t be the hindrance to achieve your goal, which is to graduate. This is just one of those challenges that will make your stay in Mapua more fun. Just like in mountaineering, while you’re on the trail, you’re trying your best not to slip down the ground. But surely you’ll find yourself on the ground or maybe you’ll trip over a rock. Those failures shouldn’t stop you from reaching the beautiful view of the summit. After hours of trekking, surely you’ll enjoy the fulfillment of reaching the top.”

From park-n-ride in lawton, take a bus going to Lian Batangas or Nasugbu, then go down at Evercrest. – 119PHP
From Evercrest ride a tricycle to go to the jump-off. – 20PHP/person
Basecamp, the caretaker will collect his service fee. – 30PHP
Back to the jump-off, bathrooms- 20PHP

I’ll leave you with this delicious pie from Tagaytay:)

Buko Pie

Mc Pol

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