How to Plan and Spend a Romantic Trip

If you plan a romantic weekend with your loved one, this can be your most wonderful journey, but only if you do everything right. Yes, to get only the most pleasant experiences from a joint trip, it’s better to prepare for this romantic adventure in advance. What should be done?

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Choose the right time

To meet new experiences, you don’t have to take a full vacation. A weekend or 3-4 days off should be enough. But make sure that the trip doesn’t coincide with major holidays. There are holidays that many people usually spend with their families, like Christmas or Easter. A romantic weekend should only belong to you.

Do some research

Let’s be honest, not every country is as receptive to tourists with selfie-sticks, as, for instance, the US or European countries. And any civilized and advanced country can have its own unwritten laws and rules for tourists. Therefore, it is better to get to know the place you’re going to visit beforehand.

Use proven reservation services

To find a place to live while on vacation, it’s better to use the proven online reservation services. Unpleasant surprises during a romantic trip – what could be worse? Large services that work all over the world and have representations in different countries offer thousands of options for rental housing and ensure the security of transactions.

Take only the necessary stuff with you

A romantic weekend with a loved one involves long walks, visits to various attractions and cafes, and it’s unlikely that you’d want to do all this with a huge bag in your hand. Take only the most necessary things with you so that all things fitted in hand luggage.

Have time for personal needs

Yes, spending time alone in a new country, among beautiful landscapes and places is very exciting and gives the relationship a boost. But remember – always leave a couple of hours of personal time. People are all different, and while walking around the city, some want to relax in the room, and some want to go shopping. There is nothing wrong about that; you don’t have to follow each other all the time.

Don’t plan too much

Of course, some preparations for the trip won’t hurt, and you should make an approximate plan of action and the daily routine. But if you planned to go to the Louvre on Tuesday, but it didn’t happen, don’t be nervous and upset; you need to stay flexible. And don’t waste your nerves on haste, frustration about failures, and the pursuit of tourist attractions.

Take pictures

Yes, don’t forget to take pictures. All the impressions you’ll get won’t fade away soon, but vivid pictures will help revive memories. Thanks to modern technologies, it’s not difficult to make a couple of hundreds of pics in a few days. Use monopod only when there’s something beautiful around.

Leave the comfort zone

To revive the relationship and spice up your family life, leave your comfort zone. Of course, you should know your limits. If some guy in the dark lane offers you strange pills that don’t look like vitamins, don’t tempt fate. But seriously, go beyond your comfort zone and do unusual things; it’s great. Try new dishes and drinks, buy something unexpected, and learn to dance folk dances.



Leave time for sensual romance

This is actually a prerequisite for all relationships no matter whether you’re on a trip or at home. You should always leave a place and time for sex. During the trip, we all get a lot of new impressions and sensations, so it’s time to bring a new touch to your bed games. Try the local aphrodisiacs and go ahead – get the most out of each other.


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