Most Common Types of Internships

Internship is your first step towards your career. This is a great opportunity for students who don’t have much job experience (or don’t have any whatsoever). It doesn’t just give you precious experience you can mention in your resumes when applying for a much desired position, but also a possibility to earn money and sometimes even to travel to other countries.

Everything depends on your motivation and your professional qualities as a student. That’s right; that essay writing experience may be real asset when it comes to starting an internship, especially if you plan to do internship at a custom writing service.

To understand what you really need, let’s see what types of internships there are based on various criteria:


There are thousands of specializations in this world (and their number increases as it changes and develops), so many specialists have to learn, to grow professionally and to improve their professional skills constantly. Large companies readily offer training for those who are willing to try it, because they are in constant need of new professionals. At the moment, the most popular areas are: marketing, finances, legal practice, IT, entertainment and fashion, advertising, PR and journalism. Some of these areas can definitely use your great writing skills.

Paid and unpaid

Let’s face it: no one likes working for free. Investing your time and energy in something – and not being properly rewarded for this. But try to get a new angle on the issue. In case you are a student and may have problems with getting a well-paid jobs because they need someone more experienced, unpaid internships is a great opportunity to get that telltale job experience. Still, for obvious reasons, paid internships are more attractive for students – and this is exactly why they are more beneficial for companies that want to get fresh blood that suits their specific standards.

Compulsory and voluntary

Many academic courses require that you do a mandatory internship. For example, all medical colleges have what they call CRRI ( It’s hard to say how useful this practice is; after all, many students may not be interested in what type of internship they are offered (without providing any choice). However, for those who are willing and interested, it can be very beneficial. One of the cons of mandatory internships is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time to look for them; your university or college does that for you.


Internships may vary based on time and length. Choose any type you like! You can choose a semester-long internship to do together with your studying or a quarter-long one to make sure it doesn’t mess with your tests and research writing assignments. Or you can opt for summer internship when you are on your summer break from school.


Thanks to the existence of Internet, you can find an internship opportunity in your own town or in a neighboring region – or may be even in another country. The choice is yours, depending on your goals and possibilities. Some companies are willing to pay for preparing documentation required for traveling to another country, as well as for your tickets and accommodation. Of course, for this you will have to meet a lot of requirements. For example, have good language speaking or professional writing skills and be an advanced specialist. Needless to say, such internships have large entry, so you will have to work hard on your resume and motivation letter.

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But no matter what type of internship you choose, your goal will stay the same: get some valuable experience that will not just become another line in your resume, but will really broaden your horizons.

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