How to be a #SelfieExpert When Traveling?


Have you ever tried to go somewhere alone? If yes, then you’ve had the same problem of many solo traveler which is taking a photo of yourself while traveling. I’ve had this problem whenever I travel alone and see these beautiful sceneries where I want to have a photo with. Good thing I have mastered the art of selfie and became a #SelfieExpert. Here are some tips to be a #SelfieExpert when traveling.




TIP #1: Give Me Some Angles

To be a #SelfieExpert you have to know your angle. Yes! There’s a specific angle where you look good. While others are so gifted that in every angle they’re naturally beautiful (THE LUCKY ONES!!). You don’t want your friends to see your face bloated from all the food you’ve devoured while you’re on vacation. So before taking a selfie be sure to face your angle to capture you best looking face on your selfie. Take a shot above your face – that always do the trick.



TIP #2: Stage Your Shot

Yes! You have to fake it or go home! You have to have something interesting on your shot like an airplane, stunning landscape, beachy scenery, an event or your beautiful hotel room. Just go easy with babies and animals. These things will make your selfie more interesting and it will be your proof that you’re having the time of your life.


TIP #3: Find Your Light

No! Not the light from heaven. What I’m saying is a natural light from the sun. Just like Tyra Banks says in every photo shoot in ANTM “Find your light”. This has been my trick whenever I’m having an exhausted looking face and dry skin from traveling. What I do is that I just look for a natural light that has the right brightness, not too harsh, to brighten up my skin and to have a radiating glow on my face whenever I take a selfie.


TIP #4: Use Some Apps

It’s not cheating! PROMISE! Believe me! You’re just enhancing the photo and your features to make it an Instagram-worthy photo. There are a lot of apps that you can use in enhancing your photo. It’s not every time you get the shot that you want because of some circumstances but you can use some apps to help you with enhancing. There are some apps that can also beautify your selfie and give you a flawless face.


TIP #5: Get The Right #SelfieExpert Camera

We can see how technology is developing now. Even a phone that is smaller than your palm can do the things that a laptop or desktop can do. Phones have the capability of a DSLR to capture beautiful photos. Brands like OPPO created a phone for #SelfieExperts, it has a beefed-up front camera that is 16MP to capture a detailed and an excellent quality selfie. Just pick the right camera that will deliver a perfect selfie.


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Mc Pol

Mc Pol Cruz is the owner and publisher in this travel and lifestyle blog, Weekend Sidetrip. He love being under the sun and doing things that he loves, traveling. Mc Pol is ready to explore various culture, stop foot to stunning places, savor different cuisines and help other travelers in their adventures.