Holy Week sa Cutud (Maleldo 2012)

I’ve heard this from my mom, the Lenten rites that Pampangos traditionally do during the length of Holy Week. They reenact the Passion of the Christ and the actual crucifixion that our Savior did for us. Cutud is a place in Pampanga, where they are famous all around the world during the Holy Week especially in Good Friday.

I was there last Holy Week to witness the Maleldo 2012 with my family. It was all our first time to witness that famous event. Spots of blood was all over our car while heading to Cutud because of the men walking on the streets, face covered and blood all over their body.

By 9AM, we arrived at the place so we have to wait for 3 hours before the main event starts. In that 3 hours we always see a group of men, in a line, flagellate themselves. While watching them I can feel how painful it was and the uneasiness while watching them covered with blood under the heat of the sun.
When they reach the 3 wooden crosses they kneel down and pray, some were facing the ground and let a kid flagellate their back many times.
IDK if he’s Ben Enaje.
We didn’t finish the whole event because it was hot there and a lot of locals and foreigner was there to witness the who’ll thing. I’m satisfied on how I witness the Lenten rites of Pampangos in Cutud. I can see how some were sincere on their penance and how strong their faith in Him. I just don’t know why these people reenact the saving act that our Savior did for us.

Mc Pol

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