Pack up your RecoveR Products for an Adventure


If you are into working out, ball games, surfing, climbing, traveling and the likes. Better be ready for the muscle sore, joint pains and body pains after your activity. After bringing the products on my recent trips, I think I have to throw away my good old Chinese muscle balm and replace them with this cool total body and muscle care products. Here’s a review about RecoveR products.

RecoveR is a Cebu-based brand which has a line of products for muscle care such as muscle balm and the likes. Their products are ideal to use after a day of exhausting activity like pumping up on the gym, yoga, basketball and other activity that makes you sweat hard. So to experience its effectivity, I brought these RecoveR products on my trip to Baler where I had a great time surfing. But hey, I don’t have the endurance that I had before so the result is muscle sore and body pain. Good thing, I have these products with me to help me relieve the pain.

Throw your good old tiger balm and white flower oil and buy these cool total body and muscle care products from RecoveR. I have the Warming Spray, Cooling Gel, The Balm and After Sun Gel. These products helped me on my trip from a tiring but super fun surfing experience and long hour drive from and to Baler.

RecoveR Warming Spray

Spray your pain away! This is for sore muscles, joint pains, sprains and back pains. This products is really warm in the skin but the scent is cooling, it has the scent of old muscle rub. It prevents stiffness of the muscle and it reduces leg cramps.

RecoveR The Balm

All natural relief for tired and sore muscle! The formula of this balm is so soothing and relaxing for tense, sore, hardworking muscles and joints. It is recommended to use this after your workout to reduce the discomfort from muscles strain and tension. Use before sleeping to relax your muscles and joints.

RecoveR Cooling Gel

Cooling and soothing relief for muscles and joints! It helps to soothes away muscle tension and soreness. It has an immediate response, and penetrate the muscles and joints fast. It stimulates your nerve endings which transmit cold sensation, just like an icepack does, and it overrides the pain. The cooling gel formula has a peppermint which acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

RecoveR After Sun Gel

Best Chilled! After your activity while under the scorching heat of the sun, better put some After Sun Gel on your sun-drenching skin. It replenishes moisture and softens skin to prevent it from peeling and getting sun burns. The product relieves skin irritation, dryness and skin roughness.

Check out other RecoveR products and follow at their Instagram and FB Page for updates or you can call them at +63917-899-8909 for inquiries and orders. If you want them on your hands, the products are available at:

  • YogaHub BTC
  • RainTree Mall
  • Citigym
  • Habagat
  • Gold’s Gym J Center
  • Epic Oakridge and Escario
  • Studion 108
  • Stayfit Box
  • Crossfit Pintados
  • TRX
  • Flagship Store
  • Metrosports

I would recommend this product to those people who has active lifestyle. It really works! After an hour or two in the water, catching some waves from my recent Baler trip, I just have to put something on my muscles and joints to relieve the soreness. Good thing, I have with me RecoveR products that do their jobs in dismissing pain. This will come in handy, especially now that I’m planning to get back on track and do some running and climbing. Buy this for your future adventure, it is worth your money. Buy Filipino products!

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