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It was my first time to visit Coron, Palawan. I didn’t know what to expect in the trip but only the islands we’re going to visit. It was raining when we arrived at the airport and it saddened me. It took us 30-minute ride from Busuanga Airport to The Funny Lion where we’re going to stay for the trip. I was captivated how lovely the place is. I never expected it to be that beautiful. No wonder why it is one of the highest ranked hotels in Coron.


The Funny Lion

The Funny Lion is a boutique hotel located at Sitio Jolo, Coron, Palawan. It is under the umbrella of One-Of Collection hotel group. This boutique hotel has 32 rooms that offers peaceful retreat with stunning views of the tranquil cove. It is 10 minutes away from the town proper by tricycle. They also have bikes where guests can borrow as their ride to the town, though the road has hilly sections but the guest will enjoy the view while on its own pace.


The hotel has this very cool fixtures and decors that are safari-inspired. The leather upholstery, famed maps, old globes, wooden furniture and lush greens. The Funny Lion gets its name from a nearby safari which is Calauit, where the imported African animals finds its sanctuary during Marcos’ years. There are no lions in Calauit which they think is funny.

They have 2 hotel buildings for the rooms. Walking through it, I can see lovely greens of plants that led me to the infinity pool and Jacuzzi. Beside the pool, there’s the Hunt Restaurant that stretches towards the mangrove area, they told us that the owner also own the area where the mangroves are planted but they decided not to cut them. That’s really commendable. The mangroves provide lush greenery and natural fence to the hotel from the wind and the sea.

After our tiring but amazing trip around the beautiful islands of Coron, we had a cocktail at the hotel’s sky deck which is called The Pride Deck. Overlooking the peaceful cove with green mangroves and kayak trails. The Pride Deck has two bubbly plunge pool. If you want to try their cocktails then try Calauit Coolers if you want a light cocktail.


The Funny Lion has 3 kinds of room; King Room, Cub Room and Pride Room. The Cub Room is where I stayed for 2 nights the room is basic but spacious. It has 2 twin bed and a pull out bed for a group of 3. It is perfect for friends and families who are visiting Coron. The hotel has this contemporary rustic design with native fixtures to accent the room.

Hot showers are made complete with lemongrass shampoo and soap in a recycled glass. Aside from being eco-friendly, the scent of the soap and shampoo was really refreshing. They use glass jars for complimentary water to minimize the use of plastics. Good job to the hotel administrator for practicing green, although it’s hard to maintain and there’s so much work but the result to the nature is huge.

The Hunt Restaurant

The Hunt Restaurant is where they serve breakfast buffet which is included on guest’s hotel bookings. The restaurant is an all-day dining, so you can order your lunch and dinner there. They serve Filipino and Western cuisine. I’m really into breakfast buffet whenever I’m in a hotel. Good thing that they serve different dishes every breakfast, no one wants the same old menu when in a vacation.

We’ve tried some of their dishes and they’re really good. While remembering it, I don’t have any food that I didn’t enjoyed. Plus, the presentation in every dishes is Instagram worthy and of course, the restaurant too.




My stay in The Funny Lion was really great. Whenever I get a chance to go back to the room, I immediately plopped into my soft bed, relishing the luxury after a tiring day. I would recommend this hotel if you want a luxurious and comfortable stay in Coron. The whole place is really nice, the food are delicious and also the quality of their service is excellent. They always send us sweets for the night and even OFF lotion whenever we go out of the hotel. I had such a roaring good time in this hotel. I felt pampered and preened like a lion.

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The Funny Lion


Unit 701 The Infinity Towers, 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Manila
Phone : +632 553 9549 or + 632 856 1443
Email :


The Funny Lion Sitio Jolo, Barangay Poblacion 5, Coron, Palawan
Phone: +63905 395 5445
Email :

Visit The Funny Lion website for more details and follow them in Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

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