The Zen Institute – Medical Spa your go-to place after traveling


I have to admit it, I can’t control myself from eating whenever I travel. As much as possible, I want to eat healthy dishes but there’s no denying here, I’m guilty that a lot of the time it just isn’t possible to eat healthy food. The feeling that you have to try everything when in a new place which often results to gaining weight and doing nothing about it. I’d rather leave without regrets ad be able to say I at least tried everything. YOLO! Good thing, The Zen Institute is there to undo my travel food trip.

The Zen Institute

The Zen Institute believes that the true beauty should begin in inner peace. By combining medical science, creativity and aesthetic sense, The Zen Institute pursue holistic health which in turn manifest itself in turn beauty. The clinic has its sophisticated interiors and classy fixtures, yet evokes a feeling of tranquility. With its breakthrough services and products in holistic wellness it became the first and only medical spa in the Philippines.

Dr. Mary Jane “MJ” Torres is the woman behind The Zen Institute. She pioneered the latest technology in body sculpting called Resonax which is one of the first in Asia and Europe. She specializes in Lipotheraphy, non-surgical facial contouring and body sculpting. Dr. MH is a strong believer of non-invasive and well-respected in the medical field and she promotes a lifestyle of wellness to her clients through personal coaching.


The Zen Institute gave me Ultralipo and Endolift on my first visit. Endolift is an instant, non-surgical facelift and Ultrlipo is a soothing massage-like procedure that uses ultrasound cavitation techniques. Aside from that, The Zen Institute offers Colonics or Colon Hydrotheraphy is a way to clean and flush out all the toxins in your body. Colonics help our body to maintain a good nutrient absorption and enhances good digestion.


From traveler’s point of view, there’s no harm if you want to undo all those bad habits especially when you pig-out from your last trip while on a diet. We understand, you can’t help yourself but to eat and devour every food you see in the streets to feel the culture of one’s place. If you feel you need to seek for help, The Zen Institute is always there to help you on your problems and achieve holistic beauty before your next travel.

The Zen Institute are located at Sct. Rallos in Quezon City, BGC in Taguig City and Sto. Tomas in Batangas. Check out their website and FB Page for more updates.

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