Top 5 Places to Visit in Mathera

Nestled in the Western Ghats, Matheran is a quiet hill-station in the Raigadh district of Maharashtra. Matheran literally means ‘forest on the forehead’ and will take you blissfully amongst the trees. A popular getaway amongst the locals of Pune, Mumbai and Nashik, Matheran is a beauty that rests quietly on one of the hills of this mountain range. Being the only non-motorable town of Asia, Matheran is always bustling with tourists. The hill station was founded by one of the commissioners of Mumbai of the British era who looked at this particular hill-town with a perspective of future tourism. The hill-town takes you to the 19th century with non-metalled roads, people riding on the horse-back and toy train taking you from the Neral to the dense forests of the hill-top. Matheran is a benediction for the ones who love leisure walks in the arms of nature.

Here is a list of 5 places that are a must-visit when in Matheran.

#1 Louisa Point


Photo by Pradeep717 , CC BY-SA 3.0


Louisa Point is one of the points at Matheran that gives you an enthralling view of the valley below. The point overlooks at the surrounding hills and also bestows enchanting views of the Prabal Fort and Vishalgad Fort. This point also provides a beautiful view of the Charlotte Lake and hence is famous amongst the tourists to witness the beauty of the nature. The Louisa Point is on the edge of a plateau and some unnamed waterfalls could be witnessed during the monsoons. Some of them gushing and some trembling against the rocky terrain of the hills, but every corner that is visible from this point leaves you hypnotized. This point is famous for enjoying the sunsets for the sight of the distant horizon and sun descending and hiding somewhere behind the mountains leaving the shades of the dusk contrast perfectly with the greens around.


#2 Panorama Point


Photo by Arne Hückelheim , CC BY-SA 3.0


As the name suggests Panorama Point imparts a panoramic view of the hills and some others popular places of Matheran. This point is the most spacious point of the area and one can see the sights of Prabhal Fort along with the neighbouring charismatic locations of Chanderi, Mhas-Mal, Peb Fort and Navara-Navari. Also from the Panorama Point you can see some other cliffs that will leave you mesmerised.


#3 Porcupine (Sunset) Point


Photo by antti.keskitalo , CC BY 2.0


Apart from being the most visited point of the hill-town, Porcupine Point is most majestic place to witness the descending sun. Getting its name from the Porcupine Bird as the rocky structure of the cliff resembles the bird, this point at the edge of a cliff has calm and composed atmosphere. The distant view of the fort of Prabalgad, the mesmerising charm of the densely thick forests that surround the area and a soulful calm makes you experience paradise. Even with tourists coming and going thrilled with the beauty of place one can quietly find a place on the cliff to fix their gaze at the horizon and enjoy the serenity of the hills.


#4 Charlotte Lake


Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Withthe Echo Point and Louisa Point in the vicinity, Charlotte Lake or Sharlott Lake is a seasonal lake of the area. The lake is about fifty feet deep in the ground and was built in the mid twentieth century. Though the lake meets the water supplies of the town it also has a scenic charm. Beautiful birds come to this lake to quench their thirst imparting the place a vibrancy that is unsurpassed. On the right hand side of the lake stands the ancient temple of Pisarnath. Nestled in the greens of nature, the tranquil blue waters of the lake colour the place richly.


#5 Prabal Fort


Photo by Rohit Gowaikar , CC BY-SA 2.0


With the ancient historical importance the ruins of the Prabal Fort toady are scattered on the Prabal Hills towards the western side of Matheran. Once conquered by ChattrapatiShivaji from the British, the place now is a witness of history that once held precious possessions. The fort had two gateways and about 11 obelisks of which the walls of just three or four could be seen now. Bearing glorious victory stories of the Maratha Empire, Prabal Fort now has become a favourite picnic spot amongst the tourists of Matheran.


Capturing the beauty of the nature and wrapping as much of it as possible, Matheran is a peaceful town that is undisturbed and unpolluted. With the area that imparts peace and relaxation this hill-town will leave you rejuvenated.


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