Filipino Travelers and Bloggers: Inspired by Passion To Travel

Filipino Traveler and Blogger

Truly, many Filipinos are traveling across the globe. Some are off to work while others are traveling for it became their passion and leads toward success. Certainly, there are several Filipino Travelers and Bloggers out there, hence, here is a list of featured Pinoy travelers.

Yoshki Dimen and Vins Carlos of The Poor Traveler

These two travel junkies are famous for their enormous out of the ordinary stories of being geographically challenged, going the over budget and making a lot of mistakes that made them even funny yet hoping that the readers could learn from them.


Melo Villareal of Out of Town Blog

Interestingly, Melo has traveled more than 500 islands in the Philippines. Also, he is considered to be one of the pioneers of the travel blogging industry in the country. Famous of his Online Travel Magazine – Out Of Town Blog


Mervz Marasigan of Pinoy Adventurista

Mervz showcases the beauty of the Philippines and its culture along with his travels all over the country. Famous of giving tips for hiking and for the best food options in an area.


Paula Peralejo-Fernandez of Paula the Explorer

Paula is famous for giving tips on how to spend less in Japan, or where to stay in Australia and the like. Aside from that, she owns a travel agency too. Paula visited the 81 provinces in the Philippines and also traveling internationally.


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Gem Muzones of Travels With A Hobo

Gem is known to be the traveler who is a hairdye-addict, too. Gem’s Travels With A Hobo is well-known for blogs with budget travels with his boyfriend, Beep. Aside from that, Gem used to call him Hobo who is a cheapskate travel buddy.


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Kara Santos of Traveling Up

Kara is a photographer, a traveler, and a writer. Not just that, she is also a Motorcylce Enthusiast famous for reviews about motorcycles which in turn using them for her travel adventures.


Trisha Velarmino of PS I’m On My Way

Trisha is famed for her travels around the world. Being inspired and love for football, it was her stepping stone following her dreams of traveling the world by going after the football teams. She started traveling while she was studying in Italy.


Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap of Eazy Traveler

Ed is famous for this stunning photos and captivating words in his blog. In addition, he traveled in the 81 provinces in the Philippines and most fascinatingly is that he visited all South East Asian Countries. He has a strong love and passion for photography and writing his travels in a way that reader feels the character of every travel story.


Christine Fernandez of Jovial Wanderer

Christine is known for hiking-related blog posts. Giving tips to climbers on how they can conquer the mountain or posting suggested itinerary for that climb and the like. For more than 50 mountains, she is surely be the person to ask about the exhilarating adventure in the mountain.


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Angel Juarez of Lakwatsero

Angel is an IT analyst but a backpacker during the weekends and holidays. He loves being under the sun and famed for his diving and biking series.


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Mark Julius Estur of Lakwatserong Tsinelas

Mark is the man behind Lakwatserong Tsinelas blog. Using his tsinelas (slippers) as his travel buddy and as a mark of a true Filipino traveler. He is a CPA-lawyer and a full-time wanderer, which proves that Filipino is really inspired to travel in spite of different profession.


A photo posted by Dan Punzalan (@thewanderdan) on

Dan Punsalan of The Wander Dan

Dan doesn’t have wings to fly but this didn’t stop him to visit different country. He’s known for his stories about his adventures in different countries and sharing his hotel experiences in various places.


A photo posted by dongho (@donghoeskapo) on

Dong Ho of Eskapo

Dong Ho is known for his winter adventures, it has been an anticipated blog series in Eskapo. He can also be found in Philippine beaches and mountains whenever he’s longing for the warmth of Philippines tropical weather.


A photo posted by Aleah (@aleahphils) on

Aleah Phils of Solitary Wanderer

Aleah is the lady behind Solitary Wanderer and the author of the article that got viral and was translated to different lanaguages, Date a Girl Who Travels. She is famed for her solo travels in different parts of the world and giving tips on traveling solo.



You can’t stroll through the gates of Philippine Islands without greeting the place itself!

Beyond doubt, Filipinos have moved mountains with their amazing stories and tours in the Philippines as well as in their international travels. As a traveler from a third-world country, it‘s hard for them to travel unlike any other travelers. The conscientious visa application, the thinking that traveling is for the rich and able, the hassle in airport inspections and the like, it’s just hard for them to travel. These notable Filipino Travelers and Bloggers are the keen observers and eye-openers for the each one of us to discover more about the beauty and color of life.

All of these bloggers listed above are members of Pinoy Travel Bloggers. Every member of the group inspired me to write my story and inspire others to travel. Comment below the Filipino travelers and bloggers that inspired you to go off the road.

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