How to make money while traveling?

Who is ever going to argue that spending your time exploring all kinds of destinations is much more fun than making very occasional escapes from your everyday routine? But do you have any idea about what it’s like to be a full-time traveler? You can be sure that’s not easy. You can do this only if you have smart goals and clearly understand what elements of comfortable life you can sacrifice for the pleasure of traveling around the world.

Not surprisingly, money is the key issue when it comes to planning this kind of lifestyle. So let’s see what options you have as a full-time traveler to earn money while you travel and to travel as you earn money.

We are not going to dwell on how you can collect a sufficient amount of money to start your adventure. That’s quite a big topic to discuss on its own. So let’s say that you’ve found a second job, sold some extra things you had and have been very careful with your expenses. To cut the long story short, you were able to save enough money, got on a plane and now you are officially a traveler. Congratulations! Bad news is that money is one of those things you quickly run short of. Good news is there are lots of ways to earn without giving up on your dreams. Who knows, maybe you have some hidden talents you knew nothing about until now? Time to become smarter and explore some safe and proven methods that have been able to keep travelers warm and fed for a while now.

From photography to writing stories: ways to keep money coming in

  1. Become a language teacher. There is a plenty of opportunities for English (and not only English) native speakers in private schools in Asia and South America. Do you think it’s something you might want to try? Look for online resources that post jobs for teachers and just send them your resume.
  2. Become a travel blogger. This might be not as easy as it sounds, as blogging isn’t all about writing skills and taking pretty photos. On the other hand, travel blogging, when done right, pays. Besides, it’s very rewarding – once you try it, you won’t regret this choice.
  3. Find a job at a cruise ship. The main advantage this job has is… well, you know — sea traveling and being able to see all kinds of awesome places. The main drawback, however, is hard work and making sure all vacationers are happy.
  4. Find a job at an organic farm. Do you remember those days you spent at your granny’s country house when you were a kid? There is a chance you can try that kind of experience once again. Working day at a farm like this lasts for about 4 hours, and your pay will include housing and food costs.
  5. Become a volunteer. Well, as you might know, volunteers don’t get paid. But the upside is that you can travel as much as you like without spending a lot of money. There are lots of places that will provide you with housing and food in exchange for your help.
  6. Get a freelance job. Do you have a lot of creative writing ideas? Are you good at photography? You can apply any professional skills you have in a freelance job.
  7. Start an online shop at Ebay or Etsy. Let’s say you’ve found some awesome paper lamps in Thailand and you think they’ll sell well online. Go for it, starting your own online shop at those platforms is easy.
  8. Become a tour guide. This is a self-employed job. Choose a destination and start looking for clients. Good communicative skills, ability to work under pressure and comprehensive knowledge of the area of your choice is what you’ll need.
  9. These are a few most popular options, but you can find other ones that will let your both earn money and enjoy your traveling experience. Playing music, dancing, design, surfing, painting, massage and tattooing, selling toys and décor items of your own making or working as a make-up artist are just a few extra options you may consider. You just have to be creative and open to all kinds of ideas – and the world will open before you.
  10. Create a merch that you can sell in your blog if you are travel blogger or influencer for your followers. Check out some custom T shirt company in New York or anywhere that you get cheap but good quality shirt as your merch.

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