Review: SoRad Pole Rasta Limited Edition

Hello GoPro users out there! When I got my GoPro, I always took photos and videos handheld because GoPro poles are expensive. Very pricey, that’s why it’s hard for me to avail a GoPro poles. Another problem in using handheld GoPro is that whenever you took a photo using GoPro, you’ll see your finger on the photo which is every irritating especially if the photo is too good. Until I discovered SoRad poles which I finally own one (kilig laugh! HIHI!).

What I love with SoRad Pole:

Affordability – It’s really affordable. Unlike other GoPro poles, it would cost like couple of thousand bucks, but SoRad Pole is just 500 pesos. If you need a pole with remote control holder, just add 100 pesos.

Design – Plain is boring. SoRad Poles has a wide range of designs that you can choose. I have the Rasta Limited Edition pole which is really cool, JAH LOVE!

Light – It’s very light. They use PVC tube for the pole itself.

Waterproof and floater – Yes! You can use it for beach trips. The material they use for the pole is waterproof and it also floats so you don’t need to avail a floater.

Length – The length is just perfect; it is a 17 inches fixed length pole. Not too long and not too short. Just perfect to capture you so rad moments!

SoRad Poles comes with:
– SoRad Sticker
– GoPro Tripod Mount
-Remote Stap (600PHP pole)

I would recommend this GoPro pole for your different trips. It’s really affordable and yet functional. You can really maximize your GoPro with SoRad Pole. Order your own SoRad pole and choose your desired design.


SoRad Pole

IG: @sorad_poles
Mobile: 09228098943

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